April 29, 2024

Palace of Fine Arts Bridal Portraits | Vivian + Donald

FILED IN: Wedding

We were on a family vacation and having a picnic at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was a gorgeous day so we thought we would take advantage of the weather since it was supposed to rain the next day while we were there. While we were eating, we noticed a bride and groom walking around with their bridesmaid taking iPhone pictures. So of course we waited to see if a photographer was gonna show up or not. When we waited what we thought was an appropriate amount of time, we asked them if they had a photographer. They told us that they just got married at the court house and was now going around town capturing their own portraits. And if you know us, we had to offer them photos. So that’s how Vivian and Donald ended up with Palace of Fine Arts bridal portraits from us!

The Palace of Fine ArtsĀ is a beautiful location, which is why we had to make a pit stop there. It’s filled with ancient Roman and Greek architecture. Nestled along the restful waters of a lagoon, the Palace provides a colonnaded pergola that meets under a central rotunda. The architecture is simply fascinating and romantic with the perfect landscaping. Surrounded by willows, pines, and grasses will create the best backdrop for any session.

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