May 3, 2022

Galaxy Edge Disneyland Pictures | David + Jennifer

When we think of the month of May, we think of Cinco De Mayo and May the 4th. So of course we had to share some of these amazing Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland pictures of David and Jennifer with you on the first week of May!

Galaxy's Edge Disneyland Pictures

The long-forgotten planet named Batuu from the Star Wars movies is what Disneyland based Galaxy’s Edge off of. The first time we’ve ever stepped foot in Galaxy Edge, we knew we needed to have a photoshoot there. Once you step foot in this amazing space, you are totally immersed into a galaxy far, far away. From the stormtroopers walking around to all the buildings in the village, there’s really no wrong spot for a photoshoot!

David and Jennifer came dressed perfectly for their Galaxy’s Edge Disneyland pictures. David wore a shirt that was full of light sabers with a matching bow tie and Jennifer wore the cutest dress filled with Star Wars symbols. What was even more fun was the amazing ring shot that we were able to get for the couple. We were able to use one of the stormtrooper’s helmet to place their rings on top of.

We really can’t wait to go back to Galaxy’s Edge for another photo session.

Galaxy's Edge Disneyland Pictures
Galaxy's Edge Disneyland Pictures
Galaxy's Edge Disneyland Pictures
Galaxy's Edge Disneyland Pictures Ring Shot

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