April 14, 2018

Our getaway from the heat!

We never really had a Spring here in Arizona.  On the second day of Spring, it was already 90 degrees!  So on a weekend where we didn’t have anything on the schedule, we took a very last minute trip to San Diego.  It was perfect timing because the Flower Fields in Carlsbad were open and had 85% of the flowers in bloom.  We didn’t have a couple to shoot but used Addyson instead!  Every time we go to San Diego, we always stop by Ocean Beach to get this amazing açaí bowl from OB Smoothie and Subs.  The açaí bowl there is not only delicious but huge!!! It’s seriously the size of Addy’s head!  This year at the beach we learned that Addyson hates the sand… anytime we tried to put her down she would either scream or try her hardest to cling onto us. We are so glad this relaxing vacation spot is only a 6 hour drive away.