September 22, 2020

Kevin + Jenn | Olympia, Washington Wedding Photographer

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Love is not canceled. That was the slogan for all of our 2020 couples. They either pushed back their wedding or adjusted and had a smaller ceremony/elopement. My brother had a big Vietnamese wedding planned for the summer of 2020 but because of the pandemic, he and his fiancé decided to have an intimate Vietnamese tea ceremony with our family.

If you are not familiar with a Vietnamese wedding, it typically starts in the morning where the groom’s family will lead a procession to the bride’s family’s home where the groom and his family will ask for the bride’s hand in marriage. During the procession, guys from the groom’s side will carry gifts that are stored in red tins and covered with traditional red clothes. These gifts are presented to the bride’s family who are waiting in the front of the house.

After paying their respects to their ancestors, the bride and groom will serve tea to their parents who will then give them advice regarding marriage and family. Tea is also given to all elder family members where they give them money, jewelry and blessings.

Finally, the groom officially asks for permission to take his new bride home and they make their way back to his house.¬† At the groom’s house, a tea ceremony is also done for everyone in his side of the family.